Posted on January 31, 2017 · Posted in News

Chas Lawson, M.Sc. Creel Biologist

Mr. Lawson was born on San Juan Island, WA and grew up hunting and fishing on and around the islands. Currently Mr. Lawson is the Fisheries Creel Biologist for the Lake Roosevelt Fisheries Evaluation Program. He holds a B.S. in Wildlife Ecology from Washington State University and a M.Sc. in Biology with a fisheries emphasis from Central Washington University.  His graduate work focused on potential changes in habitat use and population dynamics of Westslope Cutthroat Trout in the face of climate change. He has conducted research on anadromous and resident salmonids and other native and non-native fishes throughout northern Idaho and central and eastern Washington. He has sampled in all sorts of systems, from headwater streams to main stem Columbia River reservoirs and from high mountain lakes to the massive Lake Pend Oreille.  Mr. Lawson has previously implemented creel studies and conducted surveys for both large lake fisheries management as well as seasonal, quota driven, salmon fisheries.

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